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NHL 18 :Montreal Canadiens

On Friday, EA Sports's latest version of NHL 18 announced.The team itself has an overall of 91. Only two teams have overalls higher than that - the Pittsburgh Penguins and the New York Rangers. Received a lot of praise.

NHL 18 :Montreal Canadiens

Below, each member of the Canadian organization will be displayed in the game,NCAA players and players in leagues that are not in the game are not represented. That’s why you will see Joni Ikonen and Joonas Nattinen, but not Ryan Poehling or Jakub Jerabek.


First:Left Wings

The ratings to Pacioretty and Drouin seem low (like Galchenyuk above) until you realize that EA Sports lowered ratings across the board so they are well above average at their current numbers.



A lot to take in here. You could say that McCarron and Scherbak are low, but the game tends not to rate young players too highly. Martin Reway’s rating is untouched from a year ago.



The game still has Alex Galchenyuk as a C and Jonathan Drouin at wing, but the newest roster update has the lines updated to have Drouin at centre and Galchenyuk on the wing. I doubt throughout the season that their actual primary position will change, though.



So many defencemen. I know Marc Bergevin says you can’t have too many defencemen, but he didn’t have to fill this sheet in. Alzner ahead of Petry will definitely be a topic of contention, and the game seems to agree that the Canadiens have a glut of guys who could play some NHL minutes.


So, when you read these, you will have more understanding of this. And this week we will have more NHL 18, including some simulated reviews that will definitely have some discussion.


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