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NHL 18 newly added features

National Hockey League, abbreviated NHL, is a North American hockey team composed of professional sports alliances. NHL is the world's highest level of professional ice hockey competition, one of the four major professional sports in North America. The team is divided into East and West two regions, each district is divided into three partitions.

NHL 18 newly added features

September 15 this year will launch the latest NHL 18, which is what many players expect.

For the new NHL 18, there are a lot of new features added, one of which is creative attack control, you can easily shoot the action, such as one-handed dunk and legs between the action. On the other side of the ice hockey is a new defensive skill bar that provides a poke check target and a control stick sweep.

"NHL 18" added a new NHL Threes mode, as a happy, beyond the arcade inspired experience, with faster gameplay, higher clicks and high scores of action. This can be played at the local co-operatives or online to other players, and there is also a movement pattern that can unlock unspecified "objective-based" rewards. EA sports hockey league model also introduced a 3 to 3 game. Ultimate Team introduces a personal challenge. In addition, a new hockey training camp model will help players improve in the game.

Become a professional player - play your favorite NHL player, through a new dynamic player focus photography perspective, through a complete player career. The immediate return in the game, let you know the excellent performance and where to be strengthened. Novice manipulation mechanism - the use of simplified double-key control mechanism, batting, passing, shooting, and then score. Even the freshman of the game, now able to challenge the top master. European Union - to participate in Sweden, Finland, Czech Republic and the German Union, for several seasons; the same time, players will be able to participate in the first time in the Russian super league season. Become a legendary player - master the "skill bar" to enhance your skill level. Through the promotion of the club control, passing and shooting accuracy, you will immediately be promoted to NHL star players of the forest. Realistic NHL game - the size of the extravagant player appearance, completely realistic jersey, splashing snow, realistic sound effects, etc., to bring you the most original hockey experience. Conquer the global rival - through the network mechanism, in the war game, quarter game mode or world championships, with friends and opponents a higher, or play the role of manager, presided over up to 30 teams to join the league game.


NHL 18: Come and experience

We've been playing NHL games regularly ever since the first NHL game was released for PC back in 1994, and it's fair to say that the franchise has taken up quite a lot of our time.


NHL18 pillars: NHL Threes

NHL 18 has been released for several days, these days, I believe many players like EA Sports games have begun to play NHL 18.


NHL 18:The First Content Update

NHL 18 released a week for the first time content updates.For the first update of the content, almost all aspects of the game can be improved.


NHL 18 :Montreal Canadiens

On Friday, EA Sports's latest version of NHL 18 announced.The team itself has an overall of 91. Only two teams have overalls higher than that - the Pittsburgh Penguins and the New York Rangers.


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